All About Colocasia Plants

Welcome to Colocasia plants, you online source of tropical, sub tropical and northern variety elephant ears. Colocasia esculenta is the most common form of aroid grown in the world, both as an ornamental plant and as a food source. This Highly variable species of plant can produce many leaf forms and sizes.  The species is so variable it has acquired numerous scientific names.  But there is only one basionym, a single species name: Colocasia esculenta.  As both an agricultural and an ornamental species, there are well over 200 known cultivars of Colocasia esculenta.  Many are preferred for their edible tubers (often incorrectly called a corm or bulb) and leaves while others are grown strictly for their foliage. The species has many variations. In Hawaii alone.there are hundreds of cultivars. Colocasia Pink China can be sucessfully grown as far north as zone 6, with most cultivars prefering zones 7 and up. Subtropical Colocasia grown in zones 7 and higher can easily be overwintered until spring. Be sure to check out our selection of edibles.



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Colocasia common names are;

Giant Elephant Ear, Elephant Ear, Elepaio, Black Magic, Taro, Wild Taro, Dasheen, Dachine, Black Taro, Dalo, Eddo, Eddoe, Edda, Eddy Root, Green Taro, Coco Yam, Kalo,  Callaloo, Poi, Katchu, Potato of the Tropics, in Australia Djamandarrand in Ecuador Papachina

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